April 15, 2012

Happy Easter 2012!!!

        We had a very fun and very long Easter break this year.  It all started when John's boss called him in for a meeting about the 25th of March.  They have finally made a decision on what his next move should be.  They let us know that they were offering him a position to be the new Manager of the Cedar City Royal Wholesale, and then the great news, they wanted him their on the 23rd of Apritl.  Are you kidding me??? Less than 30 days to find somewhere to live, to pack, to finish up all the things we had going here in Orem.  Ok I like a challenge but this is one that I believe might just break me.  I have to be very organized when we move, everything boxed and marked and ready to go when everyone shows up to load the UHaul, so far, I am not doing so well and moving day is in 6 days.
        So John and I decided that he would take off a few days before Easter and we would go to Cedar and hunt for an apartment.  It turned out to be good timing since his boss wanted to meet with him and the Manager that is currently there.  So we headed down late Tuesday night, he worked for a few hours on Wednesday morning.  After looking all day and most of Thursday we were starting to get discouraged thankfully John's parents had met up with us that day and went to our last few places and were able to give us some great insight into what would be the best option for us.  We finally got an application turned in late Thursday night and asked if they could rush it since we wanted to know if we had a place before we left, just in case we needed to find somewhere else to live.  John went into work for a few hours the next morning by 2 when we hadn't heard anything and we were ready to leave for Caliente, John called about our application.  Yayyy! We were approved. 
        With all the stress behind us we made our way west to home to spend the rest of this wonderful weekend with our families.  We stopped in Panaca for a bit to visit with John's parents, and found out that his sister was going in to be induced that night.  Then we got to Caliente and got ready for the holiday.  We had a great Easter. Went to the egg hunt, hid candy and money filled eggs in the yard for all the kids to hunt and of course no Easter would be complete without our annual family picnic, Grandma Ellis always demanded that we had to have a picnic for Easter no matter what.  This led to Easter's filled with rain and wind, and all of  us making a trek down the canyon for a picnic filled with fried chicken and potato salad.
        On our way out of town on Sunday we stopped in Panaca to say goodbye to his parents and to set  up moving day with them, and we also got to see some great pictures of our beautiful new niece LillyMae.  What a great way to end an amazing Easter weekend, the time that we celebrate the greatest gift from our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ, that we may be able to be forgiven our sins to live with him once more, through the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
We were so happy that Grandma & Grandpa Cumming were able to come join us for the Egg Hunt.

Emerson showing Grandma VaNae the animals on this Easter pail

He didn't quite know what to do so it took a bit for him to finally get the egg

John tried to get him to stand up and go get more eggs but he was content with just one

Liked playing with Grandpa Don's hat

Walking with Grandma. He does not like to walk while wearing shoes

Love this picture of Kallister.  I would love to get that in my Easter basket

Kallister even found an egg

Bridger got this prize egg it is a chicken that poops out gumballs.  He thought it was the greatest thing.

Rylee's prize egg was 4 $1 coins.

Braxton got an Easter basket filled with all kinds of goodies.

Baylee found the bike egg, she was Happy!

The kids are lined up to hunt the candy filled plastic eggs at my parent's house.  They also hid one orange plastic egg containing a dollar bill for each kid to find.  This isn't all family, we are lucky to have great friends and their families that are able to join us for the picnic and hunt every year.  So we just count all the extra kids as family.

I love this picture! This is Kallister looking over my Mom's shoulder and I do believe she is going to end up with some very beautiful blue eyes.

Kallister found her dollar egg way up high in the Cherry tree

Emerson found this egg and immediately opened it, causing all the M&M's to fall out.  I think next year we need to rethink what kind of candy goes in the eggs.

Grandpa helped Emerson find another candy egg and his dollar egg.

As you can see he was much more interested in the egg than the money that he just dropped on the ground.

Then Emerson found the Golden $20 egg, I think it was just in Grandpa's pocket and he cheated a little bit.  And still the first thing Emerson did was open the egg take the money and drop it on the ground.

The kids were excited to see him with his Golden Egg

We just took a little break to sit down and talk on the grass.  I love to have the opportunity to sit down with my nieces and nephews and catch up with their busy lives.

Going for the Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa Cameron

After all the fun we went inside to cool off and wind down.  We were all busy visiting and talking that it took us bit to notice that Emerson wasn't in the room anymore, and he was being very quiet.  Ashley went to look for him and this is what she found.  No wonder he was so quiet, he was being mischievous!

Later that night we went to Matt & RaChyl's to color eggs with their family.  The kids kept pretending to sneeze cause every time they did Emerson would laugh.

It was past bedtime so Emerson only did 4 eggs.

Don't ask me...Jordan likes being funny.  He reminds so much of his Dad.

Emerson loved Matt blowing raspberries on his tummy.

Kallister got spoiled by the Easter Bunny

Had to add this one of her Cute little smile.

The Easter Bunny visited Emerson. His pail was filled with a new church shirt, some cars, a book, a ball, and a little chocolate bunny.

He was more interested in the grass in the bottom than any of the other toys.
The newest addition to the family.  John's sister Anna & her Husband welcomed their second daughter LillyMae on 4/7/2012.  She is beautiful and I can't wait till we can meet her.